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Horse Joint Supplements Guide

There are so many formulas and acronyms, no wonder you are confused. The following are the common ingredients you'll find in nutraceuticals together and why they are there.

Equine joint supplements work. What is encouraging is we finally have some formal studies in horses support this claim up.

However, if you've tried a number of different supplements, you may find that some supplements work better with horses than others in helping move your horse more comfortable or control heat and swelling. If you're looking for equine joint supplements, you can browse various online sources.

One reason for this is the variable quality of the ingredients. Another is that some supplements may not contain what they claim to contain.

Also, individual horses with similar conditions may respond differently to the same products and doses. Most show a marked improvement, while others showed little real benefit.

The same problem exists for human arthritis supplements. "Nutraceuticals," as these compounds are called, are not strictly regulated by the FDA, so that the "consumer beware" applies.

It's easy to get lost among all the products, because there are about 75 different brands on the market, with many manufacturers offer several to choose from. Moreover, new materials continue to emerge.

Supplement with horses that have been on the market for a long time may be quite effective. However, the best approach is to start by reading the label to make sure you consider the product contains the right ingredients in the right quantities.