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The Modern and Luxurious Mayfair Garden Condos

Singapore is the best place to invest in property. This place is the home of hundreds of millionaires both foreign and locals. Property investment in Singapore is profitable. Singapore government has issued the cooing property measures that ensure the homes remain affordable for people to live in. One can also choose Mayfair Collection if you want to invest in real estate.  

Can Foreigners Buy Singapore Real Estate?

Yes, foreigners have equal rights as compared to Singapore citizens if we talk about buying a property. Foreigners can buy condominiums under their names, with a freehold title. Foreigners can own houses, bungalows, and other landed properties under six stories tall too, but government approval is important if you are not a Singapore citizen. Foreign investors are treated very similarly to locals if we talk about investing in property.

Mayfair Collection: Mayfair Gardens & Mayfair Modern

If you are looking for a luxurious place to live in Singapore, the Mayfair collection is the best place to live in. Mayfair Gardens Singapore is a new condominium project that has a very beautiful location view with all the facilities. There are various modern features in Mayfair garden and Mayfair modern have, which makes them attractive place.

For Mayfair Modern, the architecture makes one feel like returning to a modern English home. This contemporary style is timeless yet displays elegance. Mayfair Modern has a wide frontage, when you enter the development it looks welcoming and grand.