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Secrets to Selling Successfully with Online Auctions

The Internet has literally hundreds of auction web sites, all trying to cash in on the online auction craze. There are five basic techniques I will discuss that will dramatically increase the success of your online sales. I have actually put these to the test myself and they really are successful.

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The single most important element in an auction listing is carefully selecting the keywords you use in your listing. Start with your title and fill your title up with keywords that accurately describe the item. Do not use keywords that are not relevant to your item, you will only waste the buyer's time and yours. Use as much of the allotted characters allowed to write your title.

 In the description, write it using keywords to best describe your item. The more keywords you use there is a better chance a potential buyer will find your auction. Be careful not to use spamming techniques of any kind, it is a waste of time for everyone and could result in being banned from the auction site.

A technique that is commonly overlooked is the use of misspelled keywords in your listing. Intentionally including misspelled words can increase the audience of your listings.

For example, on eBay as of right now, searching for the term "jewelry" – correctly spelled, there are 192,701 auctions with "jewelry" in the title. If you create your auction with "jewelry" also in the title and description, there are 2,018 items listed, so by misspelling words, you can increase the traffic to your auction.