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Blockchain Technology – A Supreme Addition Into The Techno-World

It is nearly impossible to work without technology these days. So we keep inventing new ones from framing applications, developing software, designing, and maintaining them as per our requirements. Among all, the latest invention is Blockchain technology which mainly evolved to limit insecure web practices, and promotes web safety.

What is Blockchain technology?

"Blockchain is a public distributed peer to peer ledger which keeps the records in chronological order that are immutable and secure". It is not any crypto-currency or a bitcoin, rather a distributed collection of immutable infrastructure code which is linked and secured with some fingerprint (crypto-hash) and is made accessible to the public on the internet. For more details, you can visit

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High-end security features of blockchain technology

Hash cryptography

A hash is a fixed-size alphanumeric string that acts as a digital fingerprint for assembling data. It's like algorithms that use the input data and produce a fixed-length output representing the fingerprint of the data.

Immutable ledger

Immutable in terms of blockchain means that once the data has been recorded in a public ledger, non can alter it. If a hacker tries to change anything in the block then the hash will not match the previous hash, and the hacker will have to change block after block. Thus, this practice helps to keep data secure.

Distributed p2p network

In this network, data is not stored in one centralized point, which makes data difficult for being hacked or exploited. As there is no dominant force, the owner becomes the true owner of their personal data.